Boudicca Blaze • The Chosen One

A Hyper-kinetic heroine born of two worlds, mortal and fairy! She springs into battle with her hair in gravity defying disarray, tattered and pieced together armor and clothes, and her amazing Soul Sword! Her half hobgoblin heritage unmistakable!


Soulblade Level 2


I am a half-goblin, yes, really a half- hobgoblin, yes, to be precise, and I am the Chosen One. People just seem to say that about me, and it is my way to be a Chosen One, but most importantly my Magic Pool tells me so! It is my way to be a great warrior, yes. The Magic Pool recognizes and knows this and gives me guidance and speaks of my destiny. My magic pool exists in the overgrown ruins of an ancient castle suffering from much decrepitude, but it is my home when not on a quest.

After being victorious in my Quest of the Magic Poool, a quest to reignite the once flickering Magic Pool, this Goblin now finds another quest before her, as happens with great warriors and Chosen Ones from time to time. But this quest is not a solo goblin quest, no, for the goblin now finds herself in the fellowship of daisy eaters (Elves) and rock munchers (Dwarves) and some Arcanist who seems to have insight into my Chosen One gifts, yes. They do not throw things at the Half-Goblin but seem to respect her for he skills as a mighty warrior and cunning goblin. Goblin hates sun.

Why has this ball of plasma in the sky risen to plague the world with it’s cursed light once again! If I were a mightier goblin, I would fight the Sun for dominance of this world and win! And with the world dark and Sun frozen like ice, it would surely be a glorious Goblin paradise! Maybe I would allow the Sun out for a short time, very short, in light of • Goblin made a pun about the sun! • one of those the Goblin is on a Quest with prays to it, prays to some being who is hiding behind it, or maybe lives on it. And in irony that is where this Quest does originate! One living out of the light on a Quest for the Sun.

More later, Goblin is sleepy.

Boudicca Blaze • The Chosen One

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