Do Thoten Asten

"I'm going to punch a cleric...."


I was born in one of the many underground cities, home to the dwarves. Unfortunately, I was born into the fall of the deep cities. I watched as the Horde destroyed my home and killed most of my family. My father and I retreated to the last outpost that managed to hold off the horde, the Dwarven Citadel in the Tyrion Valley. Work was easy to find in defending the underground wall, where the Horde was held.

Years past and peace seemed to take hold in the distant tunnels making the overzealous defense unnecessary. I found work as a bouncer, caravan guard, and a citadel guard in various areas. At one point I ended up saving the life of a long standing senator, that was being mugged. He hired me as one of his personal body guards after that. I soon found out how true the rumors of conspiracy subterfuge were. I found my self taking bribes for the senator, as well as watching over secret meetings with his opposition.

Things soon took a turn for the worst, two of the other body guards came to me and told me that the senator was in trouble and needed help.


Do Thoten Asten

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